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Yasmin Tablet | Uses and Side effects | Birth Control Pill | Review

In this article, I will cover Yasmin tablet review, also known as the birth control pill. I will talk about its uses, dosage, side effects, and when to take these tablets, in detail. Please read the complete article to gain the right understanding of this pill which sometimes gets confused with the Norethisterone tablet.

Everybody knows “Yasmin Tablet” as a birth control pill but it’s more than a contraceptive pill. At the time when I used it; I was suffering from water cysts in my ovaries. My doctor suggested this tablet and it worked for me. Also during that time, I had avoided the chances of pregnancy with the help of these pills. So here I will share my experience with the tablet and tell you everything you need to know about the Yasmin pill. 

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What is Yasmin Tablet?

Yasmin tablet is a combination of two hormones that helps in birth control, that is why Yasmin Tablet is also called a Birth Control Pill. It is an Oral Contraceptive pill which means you can directly take it from your mouth.

These pills are very effective and easy to consume. It not only helps in birth control but also helps women in many other ways. You can read all the benefits and various uses of the tablet shared below –

Who can take Yasmin tablet?

  • Women who want to avoid pregnancy.
  • Women who want to regulate their periods.
  • Women suffering from the ovarian cyst (specially water cyst in the ovary) can take this tablet.
  • Women who want to delay their periods.
  • Women who wish to cure PCOD or PCOS

Girls below 18 years should not take this tablet without the doctor’s recommendation. Only your doctor can understand your real situation and accordingly he/she can suggest.

Girls, please read my dedicated post published for Teenage girls on period health.

When to take Yasmin tablet?

When this tablet is taken correctly then it helps you to avoid pregnancy in several ways:

  • It helps by not releasing the eggs
  • It also thickens the cervical mucus and hence the sperms are not able to reach your eggs.

The right time to take Yasmin tablet:

  • Start taking it 2-3 days before having unprotected sex. If you will take it after unprotected sex then it will not work.
  • You can take it on the 1st day of your periods, that way your periods will also stop.
  • You can take it at any time of the month as per your preference or as per your doctor’s recommendation.

Quick Tip:

Yasmin pills are very effective in curing PCOD. It has to be taken in combination with M2 tone syrup to improve period health, under the prescription given by the doctor.

Yasmin Tablet dosage:

  • Yasmin tablet comes in a pack of 21 tablets and you have to take 1 tablet every day.
  • You have to take the tablets within the interval of 24 hours, if you had missed any tablet then the effectiveness of the previously taken tablets will become zero and you have to again start from the beginning.
  • You can fix one time and take it daily for 21 days at that time only. I recommend the night time so that you will not feel any nausea or headaches after taking the tablets.
  • In the pack of the tablets the days are mentioned so in that way, you will come to know if you missed a tablet.
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Yasmin Tablet Uses:

  • It helps in avoiding pregnancy.
  • It helps in curing ovary cysts.
  • It helps in regulating the periods and maintaining healthy flow during periods.
  • It helps in reducing period pains and bloating.

Yasmin Tablet price:

The price of Yasmin Tablet, a pack of 21 tablets is INR 400-500/- ($7.00). You can purchase it here

Yasmin Tablet side effects:

Some women may not face it while others could face the side effects of Yasmin tablet. It totally varies from person to person. But the continuous use of this tablet may have serious side effects.

Therefore, consultation with your doctor is recommended before taking the tablets. The common side effects which women may face are headaches, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Thankfully, I did not face any side effects and the tablet proved to be effective in curing my PCOD condition.

Watch my video on Yasmin tablet review after consuming it for 21 days –

I hope you liked my post on Yasmin tablet. It’s my personal review after consuming the tablets. Make sure to read my post on M2 tone syrup uses and benefits. Combination of these two medicines help cure a lot of period problems like PCOS and PCOD & much more.

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