doodle 2 dooplicator

Doodles 2 NFT collection a hit in the crypto community. Price soars in the secondary market

Doodles 2 Dooplicator collection price skyrocketed to 0.66 ETH in the secondary market after successful minting. Doodles 2, the second iteration of the popular Doodles PFP collection hit the market this week by allowing users to mint the NFTs starting Tuesday 31st Jan 2023. The Dooplicator collection allows NFT owners to create custom wearables on …

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strike network expand in philippines

Bitcoin-based Strike Network expands in Philippines to assist low cost cross-border payments

In 2021, $12.7 billion in cash remittances was sent from U.S to Philippines according to report by Statista. Strike is a Bitcoin based payment network that recently announced its expansion plans in Philippines. Despite the innovation services like SWIFT and Western Union, the cross-border payments remains a big headache for retail users & merchants. Strike …

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