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Regestrone Tablet | Uses, Dosage and side-effects

Let’s discuss Regestrone tablet uses, dosage, and side effects. Right from period delay to curing irregular periods, Regestrone 5 mg tablet is used to serve many purposes. The tablet also helps in the treatment of painful periods, heavy bleeding, and irregular periods. More details are share below-

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What is Regestrone Tablet?

Regestrone is a hormonal tablet that is used to replicate the effects of natural hormones inside the female body. Most of the time doctors suggest this tablet to cure irregular periods or no periods.

Key Features of Regestrone Tablet:

Tablet NameRegestrone
Main Component of TabletNorethisterone
Dosage5 Mg Tablets; 3 times a day
PriceRs 50 ($0.80)
Alternate TabletsNorethisterone, Primolut N

Regestrone Tablet Uses:

There are numerous benefits of using Regestrone tablet. Since it’s a hormonal tablet and works effectively on period related problems. It offers a range of benefits to the consumer.

Some of the major benefits or uses of this tablet are mentioned below: 

  • Maintaining a good period health
  • Used to delay periods
  • Helps in getting regular periods
  • Helps in maintaining a normal flow of blood during periods.
  • Helpful for those who are suffering from very painful periods. 

Regestrone Tablet Dosage:

Regestrone Tablet should be taken 2 days before the start date of periods or as per the prescription of your doctor. Dosage details below-

  • Take 3 tablets of 5 mg each in a day i.e. 3 times a day. 
  • You have to take the tablets till the time you want to delay your periods. 
  • Do not overdose on this tablet and take it only for 7-10 days. 
  • If you’re using Regestrone 10 mg tablet, then consume it once a day or as per the prescription

Once you stop taking the Regestrone Tablet then your periods will start within 7-10 days which also means that if you take this tablet for 7 days then your periods will automatically get delayed for almost 14 days or less.

Quick Tip:

Regestrone tablet is taken with M2 tone syrup to cure irregular period, medication to be taken under proper prescription.
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Regestrone Tablet Price:

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If a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding or suffering some health issues like diabetes, etc then you are advised not to take this medicine and consult with your doctor. 

Regestrone Tablet Side effects:

Generally, there are no such side effects of this tablet. When I used the Regestrone Tablet I did not face any side effects. However, keep the following points in mind when you consume it-

  • If you take it once or twice a year then there are no such serious effects of taking the tablet on your body. 
  • There are chances that some of you might face some headaches, stomach pain, dizziness, vomiting, etc, which are part of its minor side effects.

In those cases, you all are advised to stop the use of tablets. Also, if you already have some periods-related history then you should first consult with your doctor.

I hope you have understood Regestrone tablet uses, dosage, and side effects. To learn more about the tablet, please watch my video shared below-

That completes my review of Regestrone tablet | Uses, dosage and side effects. Remember to read my post on Primolut N tablet and check out M2 tone syrup, an ayurvedic syrup to improve period health. If you liked the information, feel free to support us in creating more content for everyone.

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