About Us

Meet the Creators:


Nikkil Visha

An MBA in Tourism, Nikkil Visha is the Director of Katoch Tubes. She’s known to bring new ideas on the table and help spread our wings. Her vision led to the rise of our website and helped us touch more lives. Her area of expertise includes travel and tourism, hotel management, content writing and much more.


Paras Katoch

An MBA in Marketing. Paras is the Founder and the brain child behind Katoch Tubes. With a decade long experience in e-comm industry. He has a vision to provide value in the simplest form possible. His area of expertise includes online marketplace, cryptocurrency, self help and much more.

Our story

Started our YouTube channel in 2017 with a little idea about the vision and mission we stand for.  

What we had, was the determination to provide value to the people and helping make their lives better by sharing the right knowledge in the simplest form possible. 

The task looked easy but it was challenging and it is till date. We loved and enjoyed every moment of our work  and that’s how we thrived on our way.

Fast forwarding our journey by 3 years, we published 200th video on YouTube and witnessed an exponential rise in our subscriber base. 

The same year we launched ourselves on all social platforms i.e Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN, along with the website.

It’s been an incredible journey so far. We have a long way to go. Join us by subscribing to our newsletter & our YouTube channel.