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M2 Tone Syrup Uses, Price, Dosage and Side effects | Period Health

In this article, I am going to explain M2 tone syrup uses, side effects, price, dosage and how I cured ovarian cysts (water) using the medication. This ayurvedic syrup helps to solve most of your period problems and also promotes pregnancy by strengthening the Uterus.

Most women face the problem of spotting instead of a healthy period. This spotting could be because of different reasons like pregnancy, water cysts, infection in the uterus, stress, bad eating habits, etc. In my case spotting was due to water cysts in my ovaries and to cure this I had taken this in combination with other medicines. M2 Tone Syrup helped me in regulating my periods.

Type of M2 Tone:Ayurvedic Syrup
Manufacturer of M2 Tone:Charak Pharma
M2 Tone Syrup Uses:Period health, Ovarian cysts, Menstrual bleeding
Side effects of M2 Tone:Headaches, Vomiting, Allergic reaction
Special Precautions of M2 Tone:Kidney problem, Drug combination, Pregnancy
M2 Tone Syrup Price:INR 108/- for a 200 ml ($1.50)

What is M2 Tone Syrup?

M2 Tone Syrup is an Ayurvedic syrup that will help you in regulating your periods. With the help of M2 Tone Syrup, you can maintain your periods health which is very important for women. This syrup has helped me maintain good period health and now I am having normal and regular periods. 

M2 Tone Syrup Uses:

The syrup has its own share of benefits. Not only it promotes period health but also helps cure certain ailments. Please check the M2 tone syrup uses shared below –

  • It helps in controlling excessive bleeding during periods
  • It helps in solving the spotting problem before periods
  • It helps in controlling the irregular periods
  • It is helpful for those who had painful periods
  • It helps in solving the Premenstrual Syndrome, PMS like acne, stress, etc
  • It is helpful for those who face irregular or missing periods.

Quick Tip:

It’s suggested to take M2 tone syrup with Norethisterone or Yasmin tablets to cure condition of irregular periods or ovarian cysts, under proper prescription.

M2 Tone Syrup Dosage:

It’s easy to take this syrup. Also, it’s sweet in taste. You have to take 1 tablespoon 2 times a day regularly for at least 2 months.

Since it’s an Ayurvedic Syrup, you have to take it continuously to get the best results. If you give any gap in between, the effectiveness of the syrup will not be the same. Also, only if recommended by your doctor, to prevent water cysts formation, M2 tone syrup can also be taken with period delay tablets like Primolut-N.

M2 Tone Syrup Price:

The price of M2 tone syrup is INR 108/- for a 200 ml bottle which is more than enough for 2 months.

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Also Suggested:

In most cases, M2 tone syrup is suggested to the patient suffering from PCOD or PCOS

M2 Tone Syrup Side effects:

As I mentioned earlier, it is an Ayurvedic Syrup so there are no side effects and even I had not faced any side effects. But some of the common side effects which one could face are –

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Allergic reactions
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea

Overall these symptoms are very rare in occurrence since it’s an Ayurvedic syrup. For more details on period health and well-being, please check out my related posts on Women Health.

Must Read:

I hope by now you have got a fair idea of M2 Tone Syrup. I suggest to read my post on Norethisterone tablets (a period tablet) prescribed by doctors to cure period problems.

Watch video review of M2 Tone Syrup uses, side effects after taking it for 2 months –

This covers my review of M2 tone syrup uses and benefits. In order to cure ovarian cysts, you have to take M2 tone syrup with norethisterone tablet under the prescription given by the doctor. Do not consume both items without a proper prescription. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter and if you like the information, support us in creating free content for everyone.

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    • Hello Millicent. You can take M2 tone syrup with the cod liver oil capsules. However, do maintain an intake time gap between the two

  1. For healthy conception, it is very important that the ovaries and uterine are at optimum health. The natural remedies are the best way to restore the functions of female reproductive organs. M2tone helps in modulating hormones, improving endometrial health making the uterine environment healthy enough to sustain the pregnancy.


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