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Norethisterone tablet Uses, Side effects & Benefits | My Personal Review

In this article, I am going to share my personal experience of taking Norethisterone tablets, also known as period delay tablets. I have tried my best to put it down in words so that no woman shall face any problem when it comes to delaying periods due to a lack of knowledge. Therefore, it’s my humble request to read the complete article to get the right information out of it.

I have personally used Norethisterone tablets to delay my periods. I used it because I was about to get married in a few days and I don’t want to ruin the very special moments of my life. Only a girl/woman can feel the real pain of having the periods on some special occasions which include trips, pool parties, marriage, and many more. I have phrased down the article into key FAQs which will help you to arrive at the information quickly. Details below –

What is Norethisterone tablet ?

It is a hormonal tablet that keeps the level of progestogens very high, artificially. Due to the high level of progestogens, the periods do not start and hence you can delay your periods. These tablets are also used by women who face irregular periods. After you stop taking the tablets, the periods will start within 3-4 days. But let me tell you that in my case it took almost a week.

Norethisterone tablet Uses:

Other than periods delay, this tablet also helps in maintaining the regular periods. It helps women suffering from PMS i.e pre-menstrual syndrome-like headache, breast pain, stomach pain, body aches, etc. It also helps in controlling the unexpected bleeding from the Uterus.

You have to remember, this tablet does not act as a Contraceptive Pill. You cannot avoid pregnancy if you are on these pills. Yasmin tablet is the actual birth control pill.

Norethisterone tablet Dosage:

The right dosage which is recommended by the doctor and the one I consumed is – 3 tablets of 5mg each, 3 times a day after meals. Believe me, it really worked. If you skip it, the chances of delaying the periods will be a little less.

One important point here which you have to remember, start taking the tablets 2-3 days before the start date of your periods and take them till the time you want to delay your periods. My personal suggestion.

Do not take the tablets for more than 7-8 days because you will also face a delay in getting the periods once you stop taking the tablets, so if you want a delay of 10 days then taking the tablets for 7-8 days will automatically give you the delay of 10 days.

Take the tablets with M2 tone Syrup to cure period related problems like irregular periods, spotting, no periods, etc under proper prescription.

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Norethisterone tablet Side Effects:

I haven’t faced any serious side effects of the tablets, but you have to take care of certain things before, during, and after taking these tablets listed below :

  • If you had any history related to period problems then please consult your doctor before using this medicine.
  • When you are taking these tablets then you may feel headache, vomiting, nausea, etc which is normal but if you think it is the result of consuming the tablets then immediately stop taking the tablets.
  • After you have stopped taking the tablets, your periods should start within 2-5 days. But in my case, periods started after 1 week, the same could happen with you. No need to worry! Also, your immediate or next period’s flow could be very heavy or very less, therefore in between the time you should maintain a healthy diet which will help you in getting healthy periods.

If you wish to delay the period using natural home remedies. I suggest reading my post on How to delay periods naturally using home-based remedies.

Price of Norethisterone tablet:

At the time of writing this article. A leaf of 10 tablets will cost you around INR 53.76 ($0.80) which can be bought here

Please watch my video review after taking the Norethisterone tablets –

I hope by now you have got the right information about Norethisterone tablet ip 5mg uses and side-effects. Feel free to drop your comments to clear your doubts and questions regarding the same.Remember to read my post on the Regestrone tablet and check out the women’s health section for related topics.

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