What is Poundtoken

What is Poundtoken? An alternative to USDT Stablecoin?

The crypto market is flooded with new projects every day. Most of the projects have their native tokens with a specific use case. The process usually follows a marketing tactic called airdrop to lure users by rewarding them with free tokens based upon certain criteria. Unfortunately, most of the airdrops are baseless and have zero …

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Arweave crypto review

Arweave | Uncensorable Archive on the internet that stores data permanently

The other name of blockchain is decentralization. The technology is creating a censorship-free & unbiased environment that cannot be influenced by any central authority. Unfortunately, today’s internet is controlled by a handful of organisations that controls the majority of the information and as the saying goes “who controls the data controls the future“. To help …

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FADO Go review

FADO Go | E-com platform that rewards shopping | Review

In the last decade, the e-commerce industry has gained a lot of traction globally. Companies like Amazon & Alibaba have revenues surpassing that of top retail giants. Though the industry is booming, there’s no player that rewards shopping. Thanks to FADO Go, we now have the first shopping-to-earn platform that rewards everytime you shop. It …

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