liquty lqty crypto details with lusd stablecoin

Liquity LQTY crypto spiked after listing on the Binance exchange. Is it the rise of LUSD stablecoin?

Ethereum based decentralized protocol Liquity native token LQTY is trading live on the Binance exchange from 28th Feb 2023. LQTY crypto rallied 132% after listing on the world’s leading crypto exchange i.e Binance. Liquity issued LUSD stablecoin against the ETH deposited by the users on its protocol as collateral. Unlike Tether or BUSD stablecoins LUSD …

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gamium gmm crypto

Gamium GMM crypto surges 340% after Meta and Telefonica Partnership Announcement

Gamium is developing a fully immersive 3D virtual universe for its Avatars inspired by the movie Ready Player One. Upcoming metaverse project Gamium’s native governance token GMM rallied 340% to $0.00025 after the project announced deals with META (Facebook) and Telefonica (TELE). The partnership is a collective effort to push Metaverse Activation Program for web3 …

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iso 20022 crypto list include stellar, ripple and 5 other coins

What is ISO 20022 Crypto List and why does it matter?

By 2025 ISO 20022 will be the global standard for payment systems for all financial institutions including banks. ISO 20022 is the standard protocol for digital data interchange in the payment industry. Its DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) based protocol (similar to blockchain) which uses ISO 20022 as a messaging mechanism. By 2025, the protocol is …

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What is Poundtoken

What is Poundtoken? An alternative to USDT Stablecoin?

The crypto market is flooded with new projects every day. Most of the projects have their native tokens with a specific use case. The process usually follows a marketing tactic called airdrop to lure users by rewarding them with free tokens based upon certain criteria. Unfortunately, most of the airdrops are baseless and have zero …

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