Arweave crypto review

Introducing Arweave | Uncensorable Archive for the Internet that stores data permanently

The other name of blockchain is decentralization. The technology is creating a censorship-free & unbiased environment that cannot be influenced by any central authority. Unfortunately, today’s internet is controlled by a handful of organisations that controls the majority of the information and as the saying goes “who controls the data controls the future“. To help …

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FADO Go review

FADO Go | E-com platform that rewards shopping | Review

In the last decade, the e-commerce industry has gained a lot of traction globally. Companies like Amazon & Alibaba have revenues surpassing that of top retail giants. Though the industry is booming, there’s no player that rewards shopping. Thanks to FADO Go, we now have the first shopping-to-earn platform that rewards everytime you shop. It …

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Solcial social network

Introducing Solcial | Censorship resistant social network on Solana blockchain

If you ask me the reason why users and communities are switching to blockchain technology, my answer will be decentralization and ownership. Blockchain provides a platform that cannot be controlled or manipulated by corporate giants or governments. It has become a playground for buyers, sellers and traders executing over a million transactions per day. Social …

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