iso 20022 crypto list include stellar, ripple and 5 other coins

What is ISO 20022 Crypto List and why does it matter?

By 2025 ISO 20022 will be the global standard for payment systems for all financial institutions including banks. ISO 20022 is the standard protocol for digital data interchange in the payment industry. Its DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) based protocol (similar to blockchain) which uses ISO 20022 as a messaging mechanism. By 2025, the protocol is …

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What is Poundtoken

What is Poundtoken? An alternative to USDT Stablecoin?

The crypto market is flooded with new projects every day. Most of the projects have their native tokens with a specific use case. The process usually follows a marketing tactic called airdrop to lure users by rewarding them with free tokens based upon certain criteria. Unfortunately, most of the airdrops are baseless and have zero …

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Arweave crypto review

Arweave | Uncensorable Archive on the internet that stores data permanently

The other name of blockchain is decentralization. The technology is creating a censorship-free & unbiased environment that cannot be influenced by any central authority. Unfortunately, today’s internet is controlled by a handful of organisations that controls the majority of the information and as the saying goes “who controls the data controls the future“. To help …

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