What is SafePal Wallet? Should you buy it? Review

From the bronze age to the current tech revolution, currencies have played an important role in shaping human civilization and the economy. It’s a medium for fair trade of goods and services. Owning fiat or cryptos isn’t enough, you must safeguard it from hackers & other anti-social elements by securing your investments in a wallet. …

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Visiongame solana review

VisionGame on Solana | Bringing traditional game experience to blockchain games

Gaming is the fastest-growing segment in the entertainment industry. It has 3 billion users playing video games and generating over $200 billion in yearly revenue. Blockchain gaming is the new segment, registering gradual adoption. However, these games are failing to reach mainstream users because of certain complexities like connecting wallets and purchasing tokens to play …

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Solcial social network

Introducing Solcial | Censorship resistant social network on Solana blockchain

If you ask me the reason why users and communities are switching to blockchain technology, my answer will be decentralization and ownership. Blockchain provides a platform that cannot be controlled or manipulated by corporate giants or governments. It has become a playground for buyers, sellers and traders executing over a million transactions per day. Social …

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