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How to Delay Periods Naturally with home remedies?

How to delay periods naturally is the first question that comes to our mind while planning some trips. Who doesn’t want to delay periods naturally to go for a vacation or to attend a wedding and if I am not wrong who doesn’t want to delay periods at her own wedding? Yes, as women we get periods every month and most of the time there are occasions when we wish to delay our periods.

Now the question is how to delay periods “Naturally”? From my personal experience, I will share proven home remedies that will help you in delaying periods naturally. However, the effectiveness of these methods varies from person to person. I have known many girls who have tried these methods to delay periods and I hope these will help you to do the same.

There are various methods to delays periods naturally that I have mentioned in the article below. By reading the article you will get an answer to your questions like whether these methods will work or are these methods safe or not, etc.

Meanwhile, you can also read what is the right dosage of Norethisterone Tablet which is one of the popular period delay tablets.

In urgency, you can use Primolut N tablet to delay period under the prescription given by your doctor. Teenage girls should not consume tablets to delay their periods.

Home Remedies to Delay Periods Naturally

When you will search on the internet to get some home remedies you will come across ‘n’ number of tricks to delay periods. At that point in time, you will get confused and start thinking about the reliability and side effects of these methods. So, out of all those methods, I have come up with a few best and easy methods to delay periods naturally.

  • Exercise
  • Avoid Spicy Food
  • Drink Vinegar Water
  • Lemon Water
  • Coriander Seeds
  • Cinnamon Tea
  • French Beans
  • Normal Water
  • Gram Lentils
  • Parsley Leaves

Some of you might think that how these simple methods that include daily use products can prove to be helpful. So my friends read on to know how these easily available methods can fulfill your purpose.

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Exercise to Delay Periods Naturally:

  • Exercise is one the easiest method to delay period.
  • Since it’s a home remedy so there are chances that it might not work for some of you.
  • Try to include some light exercise in your daily routine for 1/2 hour around 3 to 4 weeks before the start date of your periods then there are chances that you might be able to delay your periods naturally.

Avoid Spicy Food to Delay Periods:

  • Spicy food could fasten the process of periods and if you avoid such food then you can delay your periods.
  • Again, the method is not scientifically proven but it has worked for some of the girls.
  • If you are also a fan of spicy food then you can try to avoid the same to get some results.

Specific Drinks to Delay Periods:

There are some home remedies in the form of drinks that will help you in delaying periods naturally. I have mentioned some of the effective drinks that could help you in solving your purpose. Other than these home remedies you can also check Primoult N Tablets which are effective and recommended to delay periods.

Lemon Water

  • You can drink lemon water to delay periods.
  • Take one lemon and mix it well in one glass of water.
  • Drink the same daily 2 to 3 weeks before the start date of your periods.

Vinegar Water

  • Vinegar is very sour and if you mix it well in the water then also it will remain sour.
  • You can use the quantity of vinegar and water as per your taste.
  • Drink it daily to delay periods.

Cinnamon Tea

  • You can use cinnamon sticks to delay periods.
  • Take one small cinnamon stick or a half tablespoon of cinnamon powder.
  • Prepare a tea as per your taste and drink to daily 2 to 3 weeks before the start date of your period.

You can also drink normal water more than your regular intake. I hope that all of you will find these tips and tricks to be helpful in delaying periods.

If you are facing some irregularities in periods then you can use M2 Tone Syrup to regulate and maintain a healthy period cycle.

Watch the complete video to explore more period delay home remedies –

This covers my post on How to delay period naturally using home remedies. In the next post, I will cover how to delay period using Norethisterone tablet. Remember to share this post with your friends, it will help them postpone periods naturally.

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