Beta Finance | Lend, Borrow & Short-sell assets in 1-Click

Blockchain has opened doors for decentralization and brought a range of products to the finance industry. From Aggregators to DEXes, there’re promising projects running successfully on popular blockchains. Among the DeFi projects, we have Beta Finance. Backed by Sequoia Capital, it is a permissionless money market protocol for lending, borrowing & short selling crypto assets. …

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AAVE v2 protocol

AAVE V2 | Next level lending protocol by AAVE

Lending is an integral part of finance and AAVE is leading this space ever since it launched in 2017 as ETHLend. Starting with the Ethereum blockchain, AAVE is known to reward lenders who provide liquidity to the platform and subsequently issues crypto loans to the borrowers as part of its lending protocol. The project has …

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Avalanche ecosystem

Top 5 Projects on Avalanche Ecosystem (AVAX) you must not ignore

Discussions about blockchain always lead to interoperability, security and scalability. Any blockchain that fits these traits has a higher chance of succeeding in the crypto world. Avalanche crypto blockchain is among the leading layer 1 blockchains that built itself around these traits. If that wasn’t enough, it supports Solidity (the language of Ethereum blockchain). This …

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defi land dfl coin review

Welcome to DeFi Land | A touch of Gaming to Finance

Finance is a tricky business, especially when you don’t have a friendly relationship with mathematics. Many users stay away from cryptocurrencies because of the economics involved. Crypto processes like swapping, staking, farming etc sounds complicated and in fact, they’re if you’re new to trading. All thanks to DeFi Land for addressing this issue. It has …

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Sundaeswap Sundae Coin review

SundaeSwap DEX on Cardano | Buy Pavia Coin with SUNDAE

You may have heard of Ethereum, Binance or Solana decentralized exchanges but have you ever heard of Cardano DEX? Thanks to SundaeSwap, Cardano(ADA) blockchain now officially has its own decentralized exchange that facilitates the trading of Cardano tokens like PAVIA crypto and more. Launched in 2022, the project had a rocky start due to network …

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