babel finance launching hope

Bankrupt Babel Finance to launch crypto-backed stablecoin to repay $766 million

The firm’s director has launched this initiative to payback creditors before the expiration of the moratorium extension. HongKong based crypto lender protocol Babel Finance is having a tough time paying back the creditors. The co-founder Wang Li lost $524 million in proprietary trading losses and $224 million lost after lenders liquidated collateral that underpinned loans …

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mango markets exploiter has been arrested by fbi on fraud charges

Avraham Eisenberg charged with fraud and market manipulation related to Mango Markets hack

Avraham Eisenberg was arrested by FBI last year and charged with commodities fraud & commodities manipulation. Solana based decentralized exchange Mango Markets was hacked last year, allowing the hacker to steal roughly $116 million worth of cryptocurrency from the platform. The hacker was none other than ‘Avraham Eisenberg’ the man behind the crime. As per …

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STEPN DOOAR | Number 1 DEX on Solana blockchain

If you’re following developments in the crypto projects, you’ll know what STEPN is about. It’s the first move-to-earn crypto project that rewards a healthy lifestyle. Users who love to keep themselves fit by moving their bodies – walking, jogging or running will have a good chance to earn crypto tokens that can be converted into …

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Beta Finance | Lend, Borrow & Short-sell assets in 1-Click

Blockchain has opened doors for decentralization and brought a range of products to the finance industry. From Aggregators to DEXes, there’re promising projects running successfully on popular blockchains. Among the DeFi projects, we have Beta Finance. Backed by Sequoia Capital, it is a permissionless money market protocol for lending, borrowing & short selling crypto assets. …

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DeltaFi DEX on Solana review

DeltaFi | Solana based AI-driven DEX

Decentralized exchanges (DEXes) come to mind whenever we talk about DeFi protocols. DEXes proved the strength of blockchain networks in managing complex transactions without the need for a centralized authority. Although the technology is in the growing stage, there’re some areas where DEXes needs to work on like price slippage & impermanent loss. To counter …

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Nova finance Nova coin

Nova Finance | Solana based crypto Portfolio Management Platform | Invest Worry Free

Decentralized Finance is growing by leaps and bounds. The top DeFi protocols have registered TVL (Trading Value Locked) worth billions of dollars. Despite the technological advancements, DeFi protocols require manual intervention when a user wishes to make changes to his portfolio. Imagine if an investor gets hold of programmable assets that can manage & automate …

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