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Primolut N Tablet | Uses, Dosage & Side effects of Period Delay Tablet

Primolut N Tablet is one of the best medicines to delay or regulate periods. In this medicine, N stands for Norethisterone that is the major component responsible to delay the periods. Norethisterone helps to stop the bleeding for a particular period of time.

What is Primolut N Tablet?

Ladies who are planning to delay their periods using this medicine should know all the details. As I have already mentioned that the major component of this medicine is Norethisterone, you can also try that medicine if you are not able to get Primolut N.

Primolut N TabletUsed to Delay Periods
Prescribed2-3 days before the start date of Periods.
7-10 days are preferred.
Dosage15mg a Day
PriceRs 50.00 ($0.90)
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Read the article below to know more about Primolut N Tablet uses, benefits, side effects, etc.

Primolut N Tablet Uses:

Most of us know that Primolut N Tablet is used to delay periods but other than that it also helps in regulating periods. Yes, doctors also suggest this tablet to those who suffer from periods-related problems like heavy or light flow, irregular periods, a huge gap in 2 cycles, etc. So the major benefits of the medicine are:

  • Delaying Periods
  • Maintaining a good period health
  • Helps in getting regular periods
  • Helps in maintaining a normal flow of blood during periods

Primolut N Tablet is suggested to be taken in combination with M2 tone syrup to cure irregular periods and maintain good period health.

Primolut N tablet Dosage:

As per the doctor’s prescription, the right time to take this tablet is 2 days before the start date of periods. You have to take this medicine until the time you want to delay your periods. When you will stop taking this tablet then your periods will start after 1 week. The right dosage of the medicine is mentioned below:

  • Take 3 tablets of 5mg each, 3 times a day
  • If the table is of 15mg then you can take only 1 tablet a day
  • Do not overdose on this tablet and take it only for 7-10 days.
  • When you take this tablet for 7 days then yours will automatically get delayed for almost 14 days.

NOTE: Unless prescribed by the doctor, Teenage girls during teenage periods are advised not to take this tablet. Also, this tablet does not act as a contraceptive pill. To know more about contraceptive pills, please check my post on Yasmin Tablet.

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Primolut N tablet Side effects:

I had used this tablet a few years back and didn’t face any side effects. But medicines could have different reactions from person to person. Moreover, my doctor had also told me that there are no such serious effects of taking the tablet if I take it once or twice a year. Though some of you might face are:

  • Headaches
  • Stomach Pain
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting

In case you experience some problem while taking this medicine then you should immediately stop taking the tablet. Also, if you already had some periods-related history then the doctor’s recommendation is a must. Don’t make a habit of taking this medicine. Frequent use of Primolut N might have some serious side effects in the long term.

Primolut N tablet Price:

Price: Rs 50

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Watch my video review to get more information about the tablet –

This covers my review of Primolut n tablet uses, dosage, and side effects. In the next post, I will cover Norethisterone tablet uses and more. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter and if you like the information, support us in creating free content for everyone.

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