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Day-7 of jobless employee, Unemployed in India, Podcast series

Welcome to Day 7, episode 7 of the emotional journey of a jobless employee, unemployed in India podcast series.

Today is a remarkable day. I have completed 2 milestones today-

  1. 7 days of podcast completed today, that’s a whole week.
  2. 7 days of being jobless, also completed today.

It feels good to hit an unplanned milestone sometimes. It’s going to be a special episode because today I am going to update you regarding my professional struggle of getting the new job and why I started the podcast the day I lost the job.

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The theme for today is – “Sprinkling creativity into actuality

So 7 days out, there is plenty to update you on the things I did to get interview calls, fixing the interview dates, restructuring my resume in a way to get at least 1 or 2 calls a day, and working on my youtube channel & podcast alongside.

Now the day I resigned, I did calculate how long I can survive without a paycheck, this is one of the most crucial numbers that you must take into account when planning to take off from work.

My reason for leaving is totally based on one factor i.e unhappiness and mental health. Neither I felt good to go to the workplace anymore nor I was learning anything new. Most of all I want to avoid dirty politics at work. I can talk at length on this one, maybe in some other episode but let’s cut it short here.

 Coming to what I did getting back home. I have already updated and structured my resume using LinkedIn resume builder, I believe that’s one of the best and free alternatives in an online space. If you haven’t yet tried it, I have created a special video on it. You can watch the video by clicking the link shared.

Here in India there’s a website portal named Naukri, ranked number 1 and totally user friendly to list and apply for a job. I did apply to relevant profile on day 1 but then something clicked within me. Being a creator myself. Having created 100+ videos on youtube, I thought How can I turn this adversity into an opportunity?

My mind goes into thinking about the creative ways I can use my time to be productive and keep myself busy at this moment. That’s when the light bulb went off. And this series was born. I believe there are many people who have faced similar situations before, who are either forced or quit the workforce for several reasons. When it happens, you will feel dejected. It’s like falling into an abyss.

And I always gave a thought to it, why everyone calls it a bad time, I know, the first thing you’re robbed off is your paycheck and respect, as you may think but what can be the good in this circumstance. Here’s the answer, the good is getting back your time and if you know what to do with your time, you won’t feel dejected or sad, if you know how you can utilize this time to upskill yourself or work on your side hustle, you will realize this is just a blessing in disguise.

To share this message I started this podcast and frankly I want to share my daily emotional roller coaster ride. Everyone can talk good but only the person suffering from it can experience it, so here I am decided to share it live with you by creating this podcast.

Hope you are enjoying it so far, If you loving it do comment below. Coming back to my professional hustle, I did score 1 interview in 7 days period. Just waiting for the final outcome. Besides working on the actuality of the job, I feel, this is a good time to be creative.

So I got busy building my company page on Linkedin, spreading my videos across platforms like IGTV, TikTok, and Youtube. I wouldn’t have done it if I haven’t got this time. Who knows this might be the blessing I was waiting for, to expand myself.

Let’s see in the near future, The moral of the story: Put in the work irrespective of your circumstances, show up every day even if you’re in bad mood. Just keep yourself busy with something productive every day because the power of compounding is the real thing.

I hope you enjoyed today’s podcast, Tomorrow is going to be a special one where I will be talking about “Sweat Equity at length” so tune in back here on my channel. I wish you a good day, thanks for listening.

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