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Day-8 of jobless employee, Unemployed in India, Podcast series

Welcome to Day 8, episode 8 of the emotional journey of a jobless employee, unemployed in India podcast series. In the last 7 episodes, I covered a range of topics from the wealth of time to the power of loneliness and more. This episode I am going to talk on a special topic.

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The theme of the day is “Sweat Equity”. In the dictionary term, it is defined as an interest in a property earned by a tenant in return for labor towards upkeep or restoration.

Let me put that in simpler term here –

Sweat equity is the type of investment that measures time and effort, I repeat time and effort put into a project. It is the ownership interest or increased value that results from the owner’s hard work. In startups, sweat equity is the biggest contribution of founders who may not have the cash to contribute.

I am reading the last line again here – In startups, sweat equity is the biggest contribution of founders who may not have the cash to contribute.

Something to relate here. Sweat Equity is regarded as one of the biggest contributors to the growth of a company or project without the involvement of cash. The point is, even if you don’t have a work in hand or if you’re not employed by a company or not receiving a paycheck. There’s still something you must work upon to generate your own sweat equity, with time, dedication, and efforts.

Sweat equity is something that only gets rewarded in the long run. Remember I talked about the power of compounding in my last episode. That’s what sweat equity is about.

Keep putting in the work, learn something new, remain productive everyday, upskill yourself ,lay brick by brick and one day those bricks becomes a wall.

Now you don’t have to actually build a wall here but the point is if you focus on one thing just one stuff you loved doing and master it over time and if that skill is the demand of the market, you are going to get rewarded for it. Sweat equity equals to your worth and the value you provide to the marketplace.

As said earlier, sweat equity demands three things – your time, your discipline, and your efforts with zero absolutely zero cash. Now if you’re struggling to find a job, just like me. It’s high time to work on building it. You got time in hand, you can discipline yourself and you can definitely put in the efforts. I believe in you!

Want to learn from a real-time example- well you’re listening to him, I don’t have a job but I have time, I have the discipline to make a podcast a day every day, a youtube video every week and an effort to keep on improving my content. Do I need cash from people to pursue my interest, Not at all. I am creating content, providing value, and building up my sweat equity. That’s the whole plan. Play the long game, my friend, let not your current circumstances define who you are.

I hope you got the message. Work when no one is watching and paying. That makes the difference. So, I am wrapping up this episode with a message, Tomorrow is day 9 and I have a new topic in store for you. So tune in & follow. Thanks for reading. Do drop your comments below.

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