STEPN DOOAR | Number 1 DEX on Solana blockchain

If you’re following developments in the crypto projects, you’ll know what STEPN is about. It’s the first move-to-earn crypto project that rewards a healthy lifestyle. Users who love to keep themselves fit by moving their bodies – walking, jogging or running will have a good chance to earn crypto tokens that can be converted into …

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What is Poundtoken

What is Poundtoken? An alternative to USDT Stablecoin?

The crypto market is flooded with new projects every day. Most of the projects have their native tokens with a specific use case. The process usually follows a marketing tactic called airdrop to lure users by rewarding them with free tokens based upon certain criteria. Unfortunately, most of the airdrops are baseless and have zero …

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Algorand Partnerships

Algorand Partnerships taking ALGO to the MOON

Algorand (ALGO) is a decentralized & permissionless blockchain created to address the issues surrounding scalability, security & decentralization. The blockchain was launched in 2019 by Silvio Micali, an MIT professor and Turing award winner for his work in cryptography. The team is well versed with blockchain concepts and consists of researchers, scientists & mathematicians. Users …

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Polygon matic boom

Why Polygon MATIC will boom in the next bull run?

Polygon has become one of the most preferred layer 2 scaling solutions on the Ethereum Network. The chain has its own consensus mechanism and uses rollups to ease the load of Ethereum while maintaining security & low-gas fee transactions. Launched in 2017 and developed by Sandeep Nailwal, Jaynti Kanani, and Anurag Arjun, Polygon has come …

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