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Difference between Flipkart Fulfilment, Smart Fulfilment and Seller Fulfilment

Once you become a registered Flipkart seller, you will then have an option to opt for Flipkart fulfilment services. There are three types of Flipkart fulfilment services provided to the seller by Flipkart. Before I take you through these services, let me explain what is fulfilment.

Flipkart Fulfilment is defined as an end-to-end process from stock keeping & order processing to order delivery to the end customer.

Each Fulfilment type has its own set of operational benefits and limitations. Carefully read the complete article and decide for yourself, which one is best suited for your business.

A quick comparison between Flipkart Fulfilment types:

FeaturesFlipkart Assured FulfilmentSmart FulfilmentSeller Fulfilment
Fulfilled by*FlipkartSellerSeller
F-Assured BadgeYesYesNo
APOB RequiredYesNoNo
Seller Eligibility
(Bronze, Silver, Gold)
*Order processing and packaging

Whatever be the fulfilment type, Flipkart will take care of logistics. Now let us dive into the Flipkart fulfilment options:

  • Flipkart Fulfilment
  • Flipkart Smart Fulfilment
  • Seller Fulfilment

Flipkart Fulfilment:

Also known as Flipkart Assured Fulfilment. When you opt-in for Flipkart fulfilment, your inventory will be picked up and shifted to the Flipkart warehouse by Flipkart logistic team. From there onwards, Flipkart will take of the entire process that includes the following:

  1. Order Processing
  2. Order Packaging
  3. Product Dispatch
  4. Product Delivery
  5. Product Return (if any)

Listing your inventory under Flipkart fulfilment will showcase the Flipkart Assured badge against your product listings that guarantees high visibility and better sales. Remember, you have to apply for APOB (Additional Place of business) before shipping your products to the Flipkart warehouse.

APOB declaration is must before opting for Flipkart Assured Fulfilment.

Flipkart Smart Fulfilment:

Flipkart smart fulfilment or Flipkart lite is considered to be one of the most efficient forms of fulfilment on the platform. Smart fulfilment is similar to Flipkart assured fulfilment in features and offerings.

The only difference between the two, Flipkart fulfilment requires the inventory to be shifted to the Flipkart warehouse whereas, in Smart fulfilment, the inventory is kept at the seller warehouse.

Only quality approved listings and listings with a low return percentage are allowed to list under this fulfilment type. A dedicated space (Racks) has to be allocated by the seller to place the products under this fulfilment.

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Flipkart Seller Fulfilment:

Seller fulfilment is the default fulfilment type on Flipkart. As a Flipkart seller, you have to manually process, and package your orders for dispatch. Flipkart will only take care of logistics and returns. This type does not cover Flipkart assured badge and there are no special services provided from the Flipkart end.

Watch the complete video on Flipkart Fulfilment:

Which Fulfilment type is best for a Flipkart seller?

I was fortunate enough to get a chance of experiencing each fulfilment type. Without blinking an eye, I can say with confidence that smart fulfilment is the best type of fulfilment provided by Flipkart. You get all the benefits right from Flipkart assured badge to inventory control without worrying about moving the inventory anywhere.

The only downside of smart fulfilment, not every listing is eligible for smart fulfilment and there’s a limited stock that can be put under this type.

That completes my verdict on Flipkart fulfilment. Feel free to check out the Marketplace section on the website. I write informative posts on Amazon, Flipkart, and Alibaba. In the next post, I will cover how to delete Flipkart seller account permanently, If you liked the information shared then please support my work. Happy selling!

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