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How to list products on Flipkart | Bulk listing on Flipkart

This is by far one of the most important posts for a Flipkart Seller. In this post, you will learn about bulk listing on Flipkart or how to bulk upload products on Flipkart inside the Flipkart Seller hub. After talking about the process of brand approval on Flipkart, this is the next step to launch your products on Flipkart. Let’s get started!

Flipkart listings
Sample Flipkart Listings

Bulk Listing on Flipkart comprises of following steps –

  • Navigate “Add New Listings”
  • Navigate “Add Listings in Bulk”
  • Category Selection
  • Brand Selection
  • Catalog Template and Flipkart image uploader
  • Catalog Template Completion
  • QC Verified File
  • Upload and Submit

Each step in the process of bulk listing on Flipkart will be explained in detail with a video explanation. Please continue reading.

Navigate “Add New Listings”:

As explained in the Flipkart Seller Dashboard Tutorial, to get into the process of bulk listing on Flipkart, we have to navigate to the Listings tab and click on the “Add New Listings” option from the menu.

Flipkart listing
Flipkart Listings Tab

Navigate “Add Listings in Bulk”:

Once inside the tab, you will see two buttons. One for adding a single listing and the second for adding listings in bulk. Click on the second button.

Add Flipkart listings in bulk
Add Listings in Bulk

Category Selection:

To list the products on Flipkart, as a Flipkart seller you need to select a category for your products. Remember, be sure of what category your product belongs to.

If you’re unsure, it’s better to take help from the Flipkart support team or ask me for Marketplace consultation. Marking your products under the non-relevant category will result in low or no sales.

Flipkart category
Flipkart Category Selection

Brand Selection:

After category selection, you will be prompted to choose your respective brand. If you’re not sure of this step, check the required documents and complete the process of brand approval on Flipkart.

Please note this step is mandatory and a very crucial part of the listing process. You won’t be able to sell on Flipkart if you don’t have valid documents required for brand approval.

process of Flipkart brand approval
Flipkart Brand Approval

Catalog Template and Flipkart image uploader:

This is where the actual process of bulk listing on Flipkart starts. The catalog template is the shrine of every bulk upload process on Flipkart. Flipkart has divided this process into two (optional) parts –

Flipkart Image Uploader:

At the moment, it is an optional part of the process. All you need is to organize your product images into a specific name format and then upload it on the platform prior to uploading the catalog sheet. The Flipkart image uploader has its own set of benefits listed below –

  • Zero Image Failure rate
  • Quick Processing
  • Quick Checks
  • No Copy-Paste work
  • No Links required

With these benefits, an image uploader is a future for the bulk listing on Flipkart. Here’s the file format name, to be used by a Flipkart seller in order to make it work –

Flipkart image uploader Format – <SKU_ID><IMAGE_NUMBER> .Without brackets

Flipkart Image uploader
Flipkart Image Uploader

Flipkart Catalog Template (Excel Sheet Download) :

As you can see from the image shared above, there’s an excel icon for downloading the Flipkart catalog template for your product. Click the link, it will take you to the download template button, Please download the template for bulk listing on Flipkart. Make sure not to tamper with the file name, you need to keep the file name as it is, otherwise you may face issues during upload.

Bulk listing on Flipkart for Flipkart seller
Bulk Listing on Flipkart

Catalog Template Completion:

The crucial part in the bulk uploading of Flipkart listings is to fill and complete the catalog template accurately with zero errors or warnings. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds. If you want to learn it in the easiest way possible, watch my video shared below –

How to do bulk listing on Flipkart | Complete tutorial –

In the video, I have filled up each column, step-by-step by uploading Shirts from the Clothing category. Similarly, you can upload your listings in this manner.

Here is the list of the important columns inside the Flipkart Catalog template –

  • Seller SKU ID
  • Brand
  • Brand Color
  • Pack Of
  • Image URLs
  • Group ID
  • Description
  • Search Keywords
  • Key Features
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Seller SKU ID:

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit, in short SKU means your product. A unique code name for your product that can be identified by you during order processing.


Your registered brand name under which you’re going to sell this product.

Brand Color:

The color of your brand or the color of the product you’re about to list on Flipkart.

Pack Of:

How many items you’re selling in one single sale. If you’re selling a single shirt in one order, mark it as 1. If you’re selling 3 Shirts in one single order, mark it as 3.

Image URLs:

Enter the respective image URLs of the products. If you would like to understand this step, please refer to the video or use the Flipkart image uploader, details shared above.

Group ID:

The most important column inside the Flipkart listing template. It defines the number of variations a product has (like the parent-child relationship in Amazon listings). Keep it unique for the same set of products with variations. For example, A single shirt may have variations in Size: Small, Medium, and Large. For the shirt, the SKU ID will be different but the Group ID for all these products will be the same.


This is good to have but not a mandatory column inside the Flipkart template. EAN stands for European Article Number, is a unique identifier of a product. If you have it well and good, if not, feel free to ignore it.


A description is the product description that is seen by the buyer before making a purchase. Remember to fill in every tiny detail about your product which the buyer is looking for, in order to increase the chances of your sale. Sample shared below –

Flipkart Seler Description
Sample Description

Search Keywords:

What are the phrases or keywords a buyer is typing on the Flipkart platform to look for your products? Enter the relevant search keywords inside this column, separated by a comma. For example, you’re selling a plain pink shirt on the platform. Your keywords will be, Solid pink shirts for men, Solid shirts for men, Pink shirts for men, Casual pink shirts for men, etc.

Now that you are done with the template. You need to submit the sheet on the platform by clicking the upload button –

Bulk upload on Flipkart
Upload Category Template File

Once the file passes the quality check. As part of the bulk listing on Flipkart, you’re greeted with a QC verified sheet that contains the remaining details to be filled by Flipkart seller before making the products live on the Flipkart platform.

List of columns inside the QC Verified Sheet –

  • Product MRP
  • Selling Price
  • Delivery charges
  • Stock count or Inventory
  • Procurement SLA
  • Package dimensions
  • HSN code
  • Flipkart seller details
Flipkart Catalog file
Flipkart QC Verified File

FREE Flipkart and Amazon Fee Calculator

Product MRP:

MRP is the maximum retail price of the product. As a Flipkart seller, you cannot sell any product more than its MRP

Selling Price:

It’s the price at which the seller sells its product on the Flipkart platform.

Delivery Charges:

Enter the delivery charges you wish to charge to the customer per order. Enter zero, in case of free shipping.

Stock Count:

It’s your inventory. The number of items available in hand and ready for shipping.

Procurement SLA:

This is the time required by the seller to keep the products ready for shipping. It’s between 1-3 days.

Package Dimensions:

Enter the product package dimensions in LxBxH format. To be filled in centimetres.

HSN Code:

A crucial column to calculate the GST per order. Enter the correct HSN code, also know as Harmonized System of Nomenclature to identify product type.

Flipkart Seller Details:

Entering Flipkart seller details which includes email id, phone number and warehouse address. Upload the QC file and once approved, your listing will be live on Flipkart within minutes.

marketplace online consultation

That’s all about bulk listing on Flipkart. If you missed adding a variation to your product, check out my post on How to add a new variant to the live listings. Remember to read all my posts on Flipkart and become a successful seller on the platform.

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