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How to add a new variant to your live listings on Flipkart

Now that you are all set to sell your products on Flipkart with a happy face. But wait, what if you forget to add a new variant available in your inventory? After learning how to do bulk listing on Flipkart and uploading your products successfully, you missed adding an important variation.

If that’s you? Do not worry, this is the post you need to get things moving in your favor. I will teach you how to add a new variant to your live listings on Flipkart. I will take you through the complete process in 5 simple steps. Let’s get started!

How to add a new variant to the live Flipkart Listings. Step-by-Step –

  • Navigate Flipkart Listings
  • Add a New Variant
  • Add Listing
  • QC check
  • Variation Live

To make things easier to understand, I will be taking an example of the Clothing category (Shirts) and add a new variant of Size i.e S – Small to the live listing.

Navigate Flipkart Listings:

Click the Flipkart listings tab inside the Flipkart seller dashboard, choose the product in which you wish to add a new variation. Hover to the top right-hand side of the listing and click the three dots option.

Flipkart listings - sample
Flipkart Listing
Add a variation in Flipkart
Three Dots Menu

You will be greeted with a drop-down menu that contains an option of “add variants”, click on the same.

Add a New Variant:

Depending upon the product type. The system will showcase the respective variant from the list of possible options in a dropdown menu. In this case, I will be adding a new variant based on size.

Add a variant in Flipkart Listings
Add A New Variant

Add Listing:

After adding the new variant, you are navigated to a single listing page where you need to enter the following details –

  • Price, Stock and Shipping Information
  • Product Description
  • Additional Description (Optional)
Flipkart single listing - Katoch Tubes
Flipkart Single Listing page

QC Check and Variation live:

Once the details are entered, the system will prompt you to send the listing to QC (Quality Check). After the listing passes the QC test, it will be live on the Flipkart platform.

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That’s how easily you can add a new variant to your Flipkart listings. For more insights and live demo, please watch my video shared below –

Feel free to reach out to me for Marketplace consultation. In the next post, I will talk about the types of Flipkart Fulfilment, which one is best among the options. Wish you good luck, happy selling.

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  1. Sir “Add variant” is not working in my listing, the screen is showing “Creation of variant is not allowed.” tell me why

    • Hello Chetan, What is your product category? It may be due to the limitation of variants in your product category.

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