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Solice Metaverse

Solice Metaverse

What is  Solice Metaverse?

Solice is a VR gaming metaverse build on Solana chain. Users can play,build, socialize and monetize their assets like Decentraland & PAVIA

Solice Crypto Coin

SLC is the native token of Solice. Is it used for governance, rewards & purchasing in-game assets.Supply: 400 mil. Also read-

About Solice Land

Solice has 60,000 Land parcels. Each 1X1 Land parcel is 16mx 16m in size. Checkout the LAND Sale report -

How to purchase Solice LAND parcels?

Solice LAND parcels can only be purchased using SLC tokens. Check the complete project details -

Metaverse Funding

Solice raised $4.6 million in the seed funding round onboarding investor like DeFiance, Animoca Brands etc.

Solice  Immersive Staking

The immersive staking allow land owners to stake SLC within the metaverse. Owners can stake & earn rewards like rare ingredients, material

Will SLC go up?

SLC hit over $4 within the first month of its listing on exchanges. We have to wait for the launch of the metaverse. For now, it look promising & can go upto $10.

How to buy SLC?

SLC can be purchased from exchanges like & Huobi. Raydium is another option if you wish to purchase from a decentralized exchange

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