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Solice Metaverse | First wave of Solice Land sale is ON

After Decentraland and Pavia crypto metaverse, it’s time for Solice Crypto Metaverse LAND sale. Solice debuted to be the first VR based metaverse built on the Solana blockchain. After announcing the sale of its unique in-game NFTs, it is all set to launch the first LAND sale which is about to go live in March 2022. This post will guide you through the sale process and the parcels offered to the users.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Solice Metaverse?
  2. About Solice Metaverse LAND
  3. Solice Metaverse – LAND Pricing
  4. How to Purchase Solice LAND Parcels
  5. Solice LAND Sale – Important Dates
  6. The Upcoming Solice Land Sales

What is Solice Metaverse?

Solice is the first decentralized VR metaverse built on the Solana blockchain. Launched in 2021, it aims to be the place where users can play, earn, socialize, own and monetize their virtual assets like the real world.

Solice Solana metaverse

In 2022, Solice announced the sale of its LAND parcels on the Solice marketplace. It is mandatory for the participants to purchase $SLC tokens prior to claiming their piece of LAND in the LAND sale. More details on the project can be read in my post on Solice Crypto Metaverse.

About Solice Metaverse LAND:

If you missed the final Pavia Land Sale, this is your chance to own a piece of virtual real estate. Each land in Solice is represented by a square and presented to the users in various sizes i.e 1×1, 3×3, 6×6, 9×9, and 12×12. Every single square (1X1) is equivalent to 16X16 meters.

Solice Metaverse has 60,000 LAND parcels in total

The LAND sale is an open event. All LAND sizes will be open for individuals and institutional investors except 12X12 which is reserved for selected partners only.

The First wave of LAND sale which is about to go live in March 2022 will present 1200 parcels (2,765 LANDS) to the users. Each wave will feature different amounts, prices and content.

Solice Land Sale
Solice LAND Map

Landowners will have complete control over their purchased LAND parcels. They can also use the LAND to build their revenue models or make it a free place for everyone to come and interact on the platform.

LAND parcels can be used for Immersive staking

Solice Metaverse – LAND Pricing:

The land pricing is shared below –

Solice Land Sale pricing

How to Purchase Solice LAND Parcels:

Buying LAND parcels is a three-step process –

  • Setup Solana compatible wallet (Phantom)
  • Get $SLC tokens
  • Buy LAND on Solice marketplace

It is very important to purchase $SLC tokens prior to purchasing Solice Land parcels. Use any Solana compatible wallets (Phantom is the most preferred) and load $SLC. Visit the Solice marketplace on time to claim your share before it sold out.

Solice LAND sale breakup 1.0

Solice NFT holders gets a guaranteed chance of acquiring a piece of the LAND parcel in the First wave

Solice LAND Sale – Important Dates:

Please check the respective dates to participate in the LAND sale. Remember the LAND sale is on a First Come First Serve basis and you can only purchase LAND with SLC tokens.

Solice LAND Sale dates

The Upcoming Solice Land Sales:

Please refer to the roadmap shared below to know the details of the upcoming LAND sale.

Solice LAND Sale - Roadmap

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