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What is Solice Crypto | First VR Metaverse on Solana

All of us have heard of Metaverse, a bridge that connects the real world to the virtual world. There’re already a bunch of successful crypto projects in this space like Decentraland (MANA Coin) and Pavia crypto metaverse but most of them are lacking two features i.e Immersive staking & VR integration.

Solice Solana metaverse

Solice crypto Metaverse aims to fill this gap and bring in more revolutionary ideas to the Metaverse. The ICO took place on Dec 29th, 2021, offering its native token $SLC followed by the sale of LAND spaces (scheduled in 2022).

If you’re on the edge of deciding whether or not to invest your money into this project or wondering how can you be a part of Solice Metaverse? Wait no more, this is the post that will answer all your concerning questions and help you make the final call. Let’s dive into Solice –

Table of Contents

  1. What is Solice Crypto?
  2. What is Solice Coin $SLC?
  3. Solice Core Team
  4. 3.1 Christian – CEO
    3.2 Ray – CTO
    3.3 Serena – COO
  5. Solice Crypto Funding
  6. A Look into the Solice Metaverse
  7. 5.1 Avatar
    5.2 LAND
    5.3 Pet
    5.4 Dungeon
    5.5 Marketplace
    5.6 Editor
    5.7 Solice-ID
  8. What is Solice Immersive Staking?
  9. Solice Crypto IDO
  10. 7.1 Solice $SLC Tokenomics
    7.2 Vesting Schedule
  11. Solice Metaverse LAND sale
  12. Solice Benefits
  13. 9.1 LAND Staking
    9.2 User-Designed Revenue Model
    9.3 Crafting System
    9.4 Powered by Solana Blockchain
    9.5 First VR ready Metaverse
  14. Solice Drawbacks
  15. 10.1 Under Development
    10.2 Poor Public IDO Allocation
    10.3 Competition
  16. Solice NFT
  17. Solice Roadmap
  18. Solice Coin Price
  19. Where to buy Solice Coin $SLC?
  20. Is Solice Crypto worth Investing?
Solice Intro

What is Solice Crypto?

Solice Crypto is a decentralized VR gaming Metaverse built on the Solana crypto blockchain. Like any other Metaverse, Solice will be a place where users can play, build, socialize, own and monetize their virtual assets across multiple platforms, which promotes player-centric ecosystem.

Apart from owning LAND spaces, players will have numerous options to monetize in-game collectibles like pets, gemstones and other NFTs. Like Decentraland, they will be able to create assets, build games, place 3D static objects and more on their purchased LAND plots. Active participants will be rewarded with tokens and rare assets that hold value in $SLC.

Total LAND spaces on Solice is limited to 60,000 only

Solice Crypto Metaverse
Solice Metaverse

LAND on Solice is a non-fungible, scarce digital asset stored in the Solana blockchain. Each LAND is unique and transferrable, making it the most desirable NFT inside the Solice ecosystem. Checkout my post on Enjin Coin to understand the concept of NFT.

What is Solice Coin $SLC?

Solice coin is an SPL token (Solana Program Library) and the native currency of Solice Metaverse. SLC will be the governance and economic token that will play pivotal role in the monetization of in-game assets and NFT collectibles. A certain portion of $SLC is reserved for the users to reward them for their active participation in the Metaverse and for the core team for staking rewards and community treasury.

Solice coin will also enable marketplace transactions for asset creation and NFT sales. The team has successfully closed its seed and private sale rounds. It is gearing up for public sale, details on the public sale round are shared in the ICO section of this post.

The total supply of Solice Coin is capped at 400 million

Solice Core Team:

Solice core team has relevant and solid backgrounds, working under various crypto projects in different capacities. Here’s a brief background of the key members with current job roles –

Christian – CEO:

Christian is the mastermind and the CEO of the project. He’s been involved with cryptocurrencies for the last 6 years, gaining experience from projects like Fantom, Solanium and LTO Network. Solice is the product of his vision and he is responsible for designing, mapping feature requirements and of course selecting the core team members.

Ray – CTO:

Ray has over 10 years of IT experience and a degree in Computer science & technology. He’s known to improve system performance and customer traffic. He served as a software engineer lead at Nissan motors.

Serena – COO:

Serena is an experienced business strategist and has closed over $750 million in business contracts. She served as a consultant to an angel investment fund and also the owner of an automotive resale group.

Details of other team members can be found here.

Solice Crypto Funding:

Solice was successful in raising $4.6 million in the seed funding round, onboarding major investors i.e Animoca Brands, Three Arrows Capital and DeFiance Capital. The list of project backers and partners can be seen from the image shared below –

Source: Solana.news
solice investors
List of Investors

A Look into the Solice Metaverse:


Avatar is the user’s in-game appearance. It is a virtual character that is created by the user which represents its identity on the metaverse. Avatar is a customizable character and it can be modified part wise from head to toe, including skin colour, hairs, clothing, accessories etc.

Solice NFT


As explained earlier LAND is a non-fungible and scarce digital asset stored in the Solana blockchain. Users will be able to purchase LAND during the LAND sales organized in 2022 as part of the project roadmap.

LAND can be purchased with Solice tokens $SLC. Therefore, if you wish to purchase LAND during LAND sales, it is important to take part in the public sale round. There will ever be 60,000 LAND spaces in the Solice metaverse.

Pavia LAND parcel
LAND Space

Each (1X1) LAND parcel is 16 meters by 16 meters in size


Pet are virtual tokens representing pets in the Solice Metaverse. Pets will be visible to the LAND owners and follow their owners in the Metaverse. Pets come with rarity and different attributes.


Within the Solice metaverse, there are gates that connect to the void dungeons at uncertain intervals. Users will be able to access the gate and enter the dungeons which have a variety of challenges and games. By winning the challenges, users can earn $SLC tokens or rare assets as reward. Gates will remain open for five to seven days.


The marketplace is an exchange centre for digital items. It will also be launched inside the Solice Metaverse to offer buyers a rich experience before making the purchase. Items that can be sold in the marketplace include – Land plots, buildings, pets, special Avatars, gemstones and much more.

Solice marketplace
Solice Marketplace


Editor allows the users to build, create and sell their own assets or mini-games on the marketplace. Users can turn these assets into virtual tokens (NFT) for digital scarcity.


Solice ID will be the identification system used by Solice. Users will have to connect their wallets to their Solice ID for identification before entering the Metaverse.

What is Solice Immersive Staking?

Solice immersive staking or LAND staking allows LAND owners to stake SLC tokens on the LANDS that are owned by them to earn rewards. It also gives them a chance of earning rare materials or ingredients which can be used to create rare scarce assets.

Marketplace will be the next best place to find these rare materials or ingredients but at a much higher price.

Solice Crypto IDO:

Solice announced its public sale round (actually IDO) on Dec 29th, 2021, on the Solanium Launchpad. Whitelisting commenced on Dec 27th, 2021 followed by Lottery and Sale of $SLC tokens to the eligible participants. The token distribution started from Jan 3rd, 2022 onwards as per the vesting schedule. The timeline is shared below –

Solice ICO dates
ICO Timeline

Solice $SLC Tokenomics:

SLC tokens will have a fixed supply of 400 million. The public sale price of each token was $0.07. It is important to note that only 2% of the total supply was offered to the public which is merely 8,000,000.

Solice token information
Solice Tokenomics

Vesting Schedule:

After observing the vesting schedule, it is clear that the token will remain scarce till 2022. The majority of supply will be released from 2023 onwards to cope-up with the expected demand and staking rewards within the metaverse.

Solice Coin vesting period

Please refer to the table to view different vesting periods –

Solice vesting schedule
Vesting Schedule

Solice Metaverse LAND sale:

The first wave of Solice LAND sale went live on March 2022 offering 1200 LAND parcels. Further details are covered in a separate post on Metaverse Land Sale.

Solice Land Sale
Land Map

Solice Benefits:

LAND Staking:

Solice is the only metaverse project that allows the LAND owners to stake $SLC on their LAND to earn more SLC tokens or staking rewards in the form of rare materials or ingredients. At the moment, no other Metaverse is equipped with this feature.

User-Designed Revenue Model:

Solice allows users to design their own revenue generation model within the Metaverse. For example, a LAND owner can rent his space to an artist to showcase his digital art gallery within the Metaverse and in turn, the artist can charge an entrance fee to the visitors.

Crafting System:

Through staking, users can earn rare materials or ingredients which can be crafted into rare NFTs that can make it extremely rare and scarce. Hence, more valuable.

Powered by Solana Blockchain:

After Ethereum, Solana has become one of the hottest blockchains that has mega projects running in parallel like its partnership with FTX. Moreover, it has a record of 65,000 tps and transaction finality of just 13 seconds.

Solana blockchain
Img src: Solwealth

First VR ready Metaverse:

Solice claims to be the first VR ready Metaverse that can run on multiple platforms irrespective of specific hardware, software or operating system requirements.

Solice Drawbacks:

Under Development:

Packed with attractive features, Solice has much to offer than any other Metaverse. However, the project is still under development and an unproven concept (LAND staking, Revenue models etc).

Poor Public IDO Allocation:

Solice offered just 2% of its tokens for public sale round, which boils down to 8 million tokens only. One of the lowest offerings when it comes to public sale.

Solice SLC tokenomics
Solice Tokenomics


Solice might be slightly late to the Metaverse party. Projects like Sandbox crypto, PAVIA and Decentraland are already grabbing the user attention & the market share in this space. It may be a little difficult for Solice metaverse to get the initial push.

Solice NFT:

Solice has already started rolling out a range of NFTs. Some of them are NPC (non-playable characters) in development while most of them are Solice Genesis Avatars. Solice has also confirmed that it will not build pure gender-based avatars instead they will be conceptualized as hybrid versions that will look something list this –

Solice nft sale

Solice Genesis Avatars can be purchased from the Magic Eden NFT marketplace.

Solice Roadmap:

Solice is all set to step-up its Metaverse game in 2022, starting with a soft launch in Q1 followed by LAND sales in subsequent quarters. The tokens will be distributed from the month of January as per the vesting schedule. Please refer to the infographic shared before for complete roadmap –

Solice LAND Sale - Roadmap
Solice Roadmap

Solice Coin Price:

Check the latest Solice coin price, shared below –

Where to buy Solice Coin $SLC?

Solice coin is listed on Gate.io. You can buy, sell or hold $SLC on the exchange. Users can also swap SLC tokens on DeFi Land.

Solice swap on defi land
Solice Swap on DeFi Land

Is Solice Crypto worth Investing?

Solice IDO was a huge success for the early investors. The price was so low at $0.07 USD per token and its alignment with NFT Metaverse makes it the most desirable crypto project to invest in. Just $100 invested in the IDO will have a high chance of earning good gains compared to the loss and the recent listing of $SLC token on Gate.io has clearly shown the strength of the project when it surpassed the $1 mark with ease on the launch day. Clearly, the reward is pretty solid compared to the Risk.

Moreover, $SLC tokens will be used to purchase LAND in the LAND Sales that is scheduled in 2022. This makes sense to put some money into the IDO and get a LAND plot as soon as it is available for sale.

If you’re interested in Metaverse and its concepts. You must take time and study Solice and invest after due diligence.

This completes my review of Solice Crypto Metaverse. In the next post, I will talk about The Graph Crypto project and Helium Crypto. If you’re a fan of blockchain technology then please do share this post on your social handles and educate everyone around you. Do remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content, released every week.


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market. All the information shared in the post is for knowledge purpose only. By no means, it’s financial or investment advice. Readers are responsible for their own investment decisions and should only invest in cryptocurrency after proper research.

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