Into the PAVIA MetaveRse

Into the PAVIA MetaveRse

What is PAVIA Metaverse?

Pavia is a decentralized NFT metaverse built on the Cardano blockchain. The project was born in Sept 2021 & named after Pavia city in Italy.

Why the name PAVIA?

Cardano blockchain was named after the great mathematician Gerolamo Cardano who was born in Pavia. Hence the name Pavia Metaverse.


PAVIA LAND parcel is 16(L)x16(W)x20(H)  in metres. The height  of Land Parcel is  fixed. It takes 9 LAND parcels to form an  Estate.


Pavia offered sale of 100,000 LAND  parcels in three  phases. Each phase  was priced differently.  (Phase 3 @ 80 ADA)

PAVIA Token -

PAVIA is also the name of its metaverse token.  Total supply is 2 billion.  It will be used  to purchase items in  the metaverse.

How to buy Pavia LAND Parcel?

If you have missed PAVIA Land sale, you can  buy the parcels from the Cardano marketplace like CNFT etc. Check the list -

How to buy  Pavia Coin?

Pavia coin is listed on Cardano DEXes like  SundaeSwap & MuesliSwap.  You can swap ADA to  purchase PAVIA tokens.

Is PAVIA LAND a good investment?

Given the project growth  in the past 6 months.  It's definitely a good investment at the  current price matching Decentraland potential.

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