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Sandbox crypto

Sandbox crypto

What is Sandbox crypto?

Sandbox is a decentralized gaming platform where players can play, create, own, govern and earn from their skills using SAND

Sandbox Founders

Sandbox was created by Sebastian Borget & Arthur Madrid. It was first launched in May 2012 as a gaming platform by Pixowl

Game Acquisition

Sandbox was acquired by Hong Kong based Animoca brand that took it to Metaverse. Read the complete story -

What is  SAND Coin for?

SAND is ERC20 token. It's the in-game currency of the Metaverse & used for governance, staking & purchasing item. Total supply is 3 billion

Buying Sandbox Land?

LANDs are physical parcels in the metaverse. It's an ERC721 token which can be purchased  for building or renting to earn passive income.

Can Sandbox Crypto reach $100?

Once Facebook  launch its Metaverse, SAND token will boom for sure but it will take SAND another 5-7 years to hit $100.

Is Sandbox a good investment?

If you believe in metaverse then Sandbox is a good investment for you. It has good backing & strong team. A genuine project to invest in.

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