PAVIA Metaverse

PAVIA Metaverse

What is Pavia Metaverse?

Incorporated in Sept 2020, PAVIA is the first decentralised metaverse built on the Cardano blockchain. Similar to -

About Land Parcels

PAVIA sold 100,000 land parcels in the 3 Land Sales. Each LAND size is 16x16x20 metres. The height can be increased by joining adjacent land parcels

Pavia Coin

PAVIA is the native token of Pavia metaverse. It has total supply of 2 billion. Click the link for details -

How to buy  Pavia LAND Parcel?

Since the LAND sale is over. The PAVIA metaverse LAND can only be purchased from NFT marketplaces shared in the next slide.

List of Marketplaces

1. 2. 3. JPG.Store Please check the link for steps to purchase-

Beware of Fraudsters

Please be on alert before making the purchase. You may find few fake listings. Please check the  Policy ID (smart contract) before making the purchase.

Preferred Wallet

You can use any Cardano compatible wallet. But I strongly suggest to go with Nami wallet. The Cardano's own wallet

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