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Welcome  Symbolic Capital

About Symbolic Capital

Symbolic Capital is a venture capital firm led by Sandeep Nailwal. It's one of the early firms which will focus purely on web3/crypto projects

Who's Sandeep Nailwal?

Sandeep is the founder of Polygon, the famous layer-2 chain for the Ethereum blockchain from India

Latest News

Symbolic Capital recently secured $50 million capital to fund the early-stage web3 startups & crypto entrepreneurs.

Who is investing?

Among the investors are protocols, auditing firms, exchanges & VC. They will make grant upto $1 million for each initiative.


Symbolic Capital isn't alone. We have Shima Capital & CoinFund raising $200m & $300m for investing in web3 projects.

Additional Support

In addition to investments, the firm will also provide legal & hiring support, networking, internal audits & more.

Who will Qualify?

The web3 firms showing potential sign of growth and scalable use-case will be the eye-candy for Symbolic Capital

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