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What is Crypto mining?

Mining is a way of earning cryptocurrency by solving complex mathematical puzzle using ASIC enhanced computers

5. LiteCoin

Founded in 2011, LiteCoin was launched to compete with Bitcoin. LTC supply stands at 84 million. It has potential to hit $1000

4. DigiByte

Founded in 2013, Digibyte can run smart contracts & dapps. DGB supply is 21 billion. It has the potential to hit $10 in a decade

3. ETH Classic

ETH Classic is the original Ethereum. ETC total supply is 210 million. ETH miners are switching to ETC which will add to higher price action.

2. Monero XMR

Launched in 2014, Monero is untraceable & highly secure currency. XMR supply is unlimited and has potential to hit $500

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin needs no introduction. Launched in 2009 with just 21 million in circulation. It has the potential to hit $100K

How to mine?

Mining these coins require high-end machines with ASIC but some can be easily  mined with GPU

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