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What is Ponzi Scheme?

Ponzi Scheme is a money circulating investment scheme where old investors are rewarded from the money received from the new investors

How to identify it?

Read the following slides to identify the red signals. In general, any investment without a product is a Ponzi scheme

Ridiculous high returns

Any crypto investment promising exorbitant returns over a long period should be considered as Ponzi Scheme.

Unregistered Entity

The company maybe registered but the plan isn't. The plan isn't certified by any govt. authority. It's a self-proclaimed leader.

Instant Rewards

The scheme lure customers with joining bonus or give a cut to old investors who bring in new investor's without selling anything

Highly Centralized

Remember the OneCoin Ponzi scheme? Such projects runs on the centralized platforms controlled by the bad actors.

High Lock-in Period

Once you buy the coin, you will have to hold it for the longest possible time. That's why PLC Ultima is called a pure crypto Ponzi Scheme by many

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