ROCKSTAR say  goodbye to cryptos

About RockStar

Founded in 1998, RockStar Games is an American Video Game publisher known for producing top games like GTA.

About GTA

Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure game. It's one of the most famous and longest running game since its inception 

About the Publisher

The game is developed by Rockstar North and published by its parent company Rockstar Games.

What's the news?

RockStar has decided to ban crypto, NFT & related assets  on GTA RP game. The decision came after FTX crash.

About GTA 6 Release date

The release date isn't confirmed yet but it is supposed to released in the year 2024

Will it feature NFT?

NFTs are intangible part of top blockchain games. If GTA embeds in-game crypto element, it will feature NFTs.  The integration changes are low.

GTA 5 sales so far

GTA is a money minting machine for RockStar.  GTA 5 alone made $6 billion in revenue & sold more that 165 million copies.

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