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Google said yes to cryptocurrencies

What's the news?

The search engine giant & its parent company Alphabet has agreed to accept cryptocurrencies for  these services.

The services included

Google in partnership with Coinbase Commerce will accept crypto payments for  its Cloud services.

About Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase commerce is part of Coinbase crypto exchange that helps businesses accepts crypto payments from a  basket of currencies.

Cryptocurrencies Accepted

The cryptocurrencies accepted are Bitcoin, Ether, USDT, BCH, DogeCoin, USDC, DAI, Apecoin, LTC and SHIB.

The Service Rollout

Google will initially allow limited number of companies to use crypto payments and later will roll-out the service for everyone.

Shift from AWS

Coinbase will also shift its data related applications from AWS to Google. At the moment, Neither AWS nor Azure offers crypto payments.

Brands & Cryptos

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