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Terra LUNA Airdrop 2.0 Complete Details

Terra LUNA Airdrop 2.0 Complete Details

Do Kwon Debacle with Terra LUNA 1.0

On May 9th, Stablecoin (UST) powered Terra blockchain collapsed amid excessive supply of UST. The event eroded the price of LUNA from $100 to less than $0.10.

Terra LUNA 1.0 Revival

The event caused a loss of $40 billion worth of investor's money.  Soon after Terra network went offline, speculating the launch of Terra 2.0.

Terra 2.0 Launch

On may 27th,  Terra 2.0 network was launched with no UST peg. A completely new blockchain with LUNA token.

Two new Tokens - LUNC & LUNA

There are two LUNA tokens i.e LUNC for the old or classic blockchain & LUNA for the brand new Terra blockchain.

LUNA 2.0 Airdrop

LUNA holders will receive new LUNA tokens. 30% of LUNA airdrops starting June 2022 & 70% will be distributed over the course of 24 months starting December 2022.

How much LUNA 2.0  you will receive?

If the tokens held prior to crash was worth Rs 500, you will receive Rs 500 worth of new LUNA  tokens at launch price. It's the value of token not the count.

LUNA Price Prediction

Check the LUNA & LUNC price analysis by clicking the link shared below -

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Did you receive the LUNA Airdrop?