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LUNA Decoded

LUNA Decoded

What happened  to LUNA?

On 9th May 2022. LUNA crashed 70% from its initial value at $100. Within 3 days the currency crashed 100% causing Terra network shutdown.

Investment lost

$40 billion worth of investor's money was lost in the crash. The event is market as the worst crash in the history of crypto markets

Face of LUNA Fall

DO Kwon is the man behind the faulty algorithm that caused LUNA crash. Details -

LUNA Re-birth

Terra was re-launched on 29th May 2022 as a new chain introducing  new LUNA tokens while continuing the old token

The two LUNA tokens

OLD LUNA: LUNC New LUNA: LUNA Checkout the airdrop details -

LUNA Competitors

Will LUNA recover  to $1?

The old LUNA has taken a bad blow. There's not much information about the supply. With no future. It's difficult for LUNC to reach $1

Is LUNA crypto good investment?

The new LUNA is created by the same founder who crashed two coins in the past. Its better to invest in proven projects than LUNA

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