More Zombies in the crypto bear market

What's a Zombie coin?

Zombie coin is something which isn't technically dead but also not alive either. Its trading volume is nearly equivalent  to zero.

12,100 Zombie tokens

Acc. to a report published by Nomics, 12,100 tokens have effectively ceased trading  this year. 

Declining Volume

More than 64,400 assets Nomics tracked, only about 13,800 had trading volume in a recent 24-hour period last week.

Thanks to Crypto bear

2022 has been the worst year for crypto markets. Declining trading volume and crashing markets gave rise to zombie coins & killing many others.

Falling from Grace

Investor's lost trust in cryptos after the fall of Terra LUNA, Three arrow investment firm  & Celsius bankruptcy.

History of Zombie Coins

In 2018,  a total of 136 tokens turned in Zombies & those who failed were mostly the illegal projects.

About Active coin

Active coins were also significantly affected by the bear market. Top alt coin ETH is down by 70% from all time high & so does BTC.

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