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ZillIqa ZIL Coin

ZillIqa ZIL Coin

What is Zilliqa Crypto?

Zilliqa is a decentralized blockchain focused on scalability through sharding. It supports dapps & smart contract computations like other blockchains.

Face of Zilliqa

Launched in June 2017, Zilliqa was founded by Amrit Kumar & Xinshu Don. Both are researcher from the National University of Singapore. Mainnet went live in 2019

Technical Specs:

1. Tx Speed: 2800 tps 2. Tech: Sharding 3. Language: Scilla 4. Consensus: pBFT 5. ZIL supply: 21 billion

ZIL Coin

Launched as ERC-20 token. ZIL switched to Zilliqa mainnet in 2019. It is used for governance, transactions & staking. Also check-

How does ZIL work?

ZIL was the first blockchain to use sharding technology to confirm & verify transactions. Here's the complete info-

Will Zilliqa reach $1?

Zilliqa ecosystem is growing. It's prime focus is blockchain gaming & metaverse. With strategic partnerships, it has the potential to reach $1.

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