Solana and its inconsistencies

About  Solana Chain

Founded in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko. Solana works on POS consensus in combination with PoH (Proof-of-History). It's the fastest growing chain in the industry.

Why Solana is famous?

Solana blockchain is known to be the fastest system with capacity to process 65,000 transactions per second.

What's the problem?

Solana has a history of sudden outages. It has been down 8 times within a year for almost  6 to 8 hours.

Reason behind the Outage

The recent outage was due to a misconfigured node that caused the Solana network to stop processing transactions and  go offline. 4th time in 2022

The wallet hack

Solana users lost $8 million worth of cryptocurrencies in the Phantom wallet hack associated with the blockchain.

Can Solana be trusted?

Solana is a decent chain but continuous outage has questioned its scalability. Newer projects may choose ETH or BNB over Solana in future

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