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WhiteBit Launches Token

What is WhiteBit?

WhiteBit is Europe's largest cryptocurrency exchange. Originating from Ukraine, it reached number 1 spot in just 4 years

The Growth Areas

WhiteBit has over 3 million users with presence in over 150+ countries & 400+ trading pairs for the users.

Is WhiteBit KYC Free?

KYC is a good practice for centralized exchanges. However, user can withdraw certain amount of fund without KYC.

About WBT Token?

WBT is the native token of WhiteBit exchange. It will serve as a discounting & rewarding token for users esp. for crypto community

WBT Tokenomics

WBT has limited supply of just 4 million tokens. It is a deflationary token since it will be burnt on the basis of weekly WhiteBIT fee

WBT Chain incoming?

WhiteBIT has no plans to introduce its own blockchain like BNB at the time of writing this post.

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