White house  Framework for  Crypto Regulations

What's the News?

White House has released the framework for regulating crypto which includes how financial sector should develop, CBDC and more

The Major Highlight

The White House Framework has a section dedicated to fighting fraud in the digital assets. A complete guide

Introduction to CBDC

In a subtle way, Biden administration has introduced the possibility  of digital dollar i.e CBDC

 About Financial System

A section is also included on protecting the financial stability of the country.

Addressing Stablecoins

The White House stated that stablecoins have a high value in real estate assets and will be singled out by the Biden administration.

What it meant for crypto?

Its a positive step in the right direction. World has a tendency to follow US in the digital space & its a good news for crypto advocates.

What about CBDC?

CBDC is going to be the digital fiat of nations. Swipe up for details

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