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Deep dive

Deep dive

What is Algorand?

Algorand is a layer 1 blockchain created to address blockchain scalability, security & decentralization. Its  capable of creating Dapps, NFTs & Smart contracts

Algorand Founder

Algorand was launched in 2019 by Silvio Micali, an  MIT professor & Turing award winner. Algorand foundation is behind the project's research & governance

Algo Specs:

Tx Speed: 1000 tps Consensus: POS Ticker: ALGO Supply: 10 billion Gas: 0.001/ smart contract Algorand cannot be Forked

How Algorand works?

Algorand works in 2 steps- 1. Block Proposal Phase 2. Block Finalization Phase Click the link below for complete details on Algo -

What is ALGO coin  used for?

ALGO is the native token of Algorand. It is used for smart contract computations, pay for transaction fee & staking. Like -

Algorand Wallet

Here's the list of top  Algorand wallets - 1. Pera Wallet 2. Ledger Wallet 3. Atomic Wallet 4. Trust Wallet 5. MyAlgo Wallet

Can Algorand reach $100

Algorand is a genuine project. However reaching $100 won't be possible in tough competition but $10 is very much on the cards in the next bull run

Is Algorand a good investment?

Algorand is a good investment in the bull run. It has reached beyond $3 and has the potential to hit $10. Invest for long term

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