WAzirx Trapped for good?

What happened?

The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) has accused WazirX of money laundering using digital assets as a medium

The Frozen Account

ED has taken a step further and raided one of the director of WazirX followed by freezing accounts worth 64.67 cr

The Real Ghapla

Acc. to reports, crime proceeds worth 100cr are used to buy crypto assets on the platform which later were siphoned off abroad.

Why WazirX?

WazirX and some of the other exchanges didn't complete the KYC process of these investors & approved fake IDs used in money laundering

Where are the funds?

After tracing the transactions, it is confirmed by ED that the funds are diverted to foreign wallets, adding to suspicion

Is my funds safe?

The funds are safe. However, its better to shift them to a better exchange like Binance or a wallet.

Where are the Founders?

Checkout the link for details-

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