WAzirx troubled Founders

What's WazirX?

WazirX is the India's largest crypto trading exchange by volume with over a million daily active users

What happened?

ED has accused WazirX on money laundering charges followed by freezing accounts worth 64.67 cr

The Ghaplebaazi

Acc. to reports, there's an illegal transfer of crypto assets done by WazirX, converting crime money into cryptocurrencies

Why WazirX?

The Directorate of Enforcement found evidence of illegal money transfer to foreign wallets without identity verification

Where are the founders?

As per the information received, the founders have already shifted their base to Dubai after 30% tax raise on crypto assets

Daal me Kuch Kaala?

Yes, WazirX-Binance blame game is a clear indication of the team  not taking responsibility.

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