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VeChain Vet Crypto

VeChain Vet Crypto

What is VeChain?

Vechain is a blockchain technology for the real world. It aims to build an ecosystem where goods are traceable in real-time, preventing fraud & maintaining quality

Face of VeChain

Sunny Lu founded the company in 2015. He was CIO of Louis Vuitton China & has 20 years of experience in the luxury market.

VeChain Specs:

Founded: 2015 Consensus: POA Industry: Supply chain Tokens: VET & VTHO VET Supply: 86.7 billion VTHO Supply: Unlimited

What is VET crypto  used for?

Vet is the utility token of Vechain. It is used for governance & paying for tx fee. VET was earlier VEN on Ethereum before moving to its own chain.

VET vs VTHO Tokens:

VET is the governance token. VTHO is for paying the gas fee on the network. Click the like for details -

VeChain Partnerships

1. Walmart China 2. UFC layer 1 partner 3. PwC 4. LVMH 5. BitOcean

Will Vechain reach $1

VeChain is a promising project addressing the real world issue. It is likely to reach $1 in the next bull run. To clarify, its VET token we're talking about not VTHO.

Is Vechain a good investment?

VeChain is a good investment. However, it will have slow growth (in value) & the fear of China crackdown is always there. Please DYOR

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