Time for US  digital Dollar

What is Digital Dollar?

Digital Dollar is the Central Bank Digital currency of Federal Reserve. It's issued and governed by central banks like Federal Reserve of US.

Technology Used

CBDC works on distributed ledger technology. The same technology that runs crypto coins on different chains.

Is it Programmable?

Yes, Digital Dollar or any type of CBDC will be programmable & traceable. It will be built around a centralized system governed by central banks only.

The Pilot Run

Federal Reserve has launched the pilot run of CBDC which will last for 12 weeks to check the feasibility of payments between financial institutions.

Participating Institutions

Citi, Mastercard, BNY Mellon, and Wells Fargo will be the part of the simulation.

Launched in crisis

The pilot launch came when crypto market is struggling to survive after FTX crash.

India launches CBDC

Checkout Digital Rupee. Initiative by Reserve bank of India

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