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DJ & dancer Twitch suicide case

About DJ Twitch

Stephen “tWitch” Boss, DJ for “Ellen DeGeneres Show” who rose to fame on “So You Think You Can Dance,” commit suicide this week.

What happened?

It is believed that the 40 year TV Star committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a handgun.

The media reveals

Media talked with people close to Twitch who revealed that he was stressed after losing millions of dollars in crypto investment

All in on Crypto & NFT

Twitch was all in on crypto and NFTs and made good gains last year before the market crashed, wiping all gains.

Cause of Suicide

It isn't clear what's the reason behind committing suicide but many believe that the financial loss contributed to the stress in his life

Where are we heading?

Crypto industry crashed from $3 trillion to $870 billion this year. There's no sign of recovery and things will take longer to recover.

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