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Deep Dive into TRON

Deep Dive into TRON

What is Tron blockchain?

Tron is a blockchain platform with the capability of creating dapps & smart  contracts like Ethereum.

Face of Tron

Justin Sun is the founder of Tron Foundation ltd. He also served as global representative of Ripple in China and rewarded 30 under 30 two times.

Tron Specs:

1. TPS: 2000 2. Block time: 3 seconds 3. Consensus: POS 4. Exp: Tronscan.org 5. Token std: TRC20

What is TRX coin?

TRX also called tronix is the cryptocurrency of Tron ecosystem. The dust is termed "sun." It's used to access features of the blockchain.

The Mega Tron ICO

Tron launched its ICO in 2017 raising $70 million. A total of 100 billion TRX tokens were created during ICO. 40 billion were allocated in the public sale

Why is TRON price  so low?

The low price is attributed to the excessive supply of 100 billion tokens plus cut throat competition from other players

Will Tron reach $10?

It's nearly impossible for TRX to hit $10 mark at the current supply level & under developed ecosystem.

Is Tron a  good investment?

Justin Sun is no longer focused on developing TRON. TRX isn't the best investment when you have better projects like SOL, ETH

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