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Why Tornado Cash banned?

What is Tornado Cash?

Tornado Cash is a decentralized protocol that allow customers to mask/hide the source of their crypto funds during a transaction.

Face of Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash was founded in  2019 by Roman Storm and Roman Semenov.  The duo was also the founder of PepperSec

The Allegations

Tornado Cash is blacklisted by US Treasury for being a  go-to-mixer for cyber criminals involved in money laundering activities

What's the proof?

Back in April, during Ronin's bridge $625 million hack. The ETH deposit on Tornado Cash has seen a meteoric rise indicating ETH laundering

Who're the criminals?

It is believed that North Korean hacker groups are behind the majority of money laundering activites including Lazarus Group, who hacked Ronin chain

What's next for users?

Users are strictly advised not to connect their wallets to the platform else they will be subjected to investigation.

What if I am an existing user?

If you're an existing user, your wallet will fall under scrutiny and records will be checked. Make sure not to connect with the platform again

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