Why TikTok can be the  Game changer for Defi

About DeFi

DeFi or decentralized Finance is one of the core applications of blockchain technology. It revolves around lending, borrowing, staking & trading crypto assets.

TikTok Revolution

TikTok is the short video app trending among Millennials & Gen Z. It crossed 3 billion downloads in July 2021 with more than a billion monthly active users.

TikTok & Finance

Finance literacy is so popular in TikTok, it has a word of its own "FinTok". A hint for the DeFi platforms. 

The Trending Hashtag

The #Crypto hashtag got 1.9 billion videos while #NFT  tag increased by a whopping 93,000% (Cointelegraph)

What about the income?

TikTok users are dominated by GenZ with low disposable income but higher interest in cryptocurrencies.

A perfect Platform

It's safe to consider TikTok as the future platform for DeFi promotions. With time GenZ may lead the crypto adoption

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