2 Con men & the Fall of 3 Arrow Capital – Katoch Tubes

The death of  3 arrow capital

About 3 Arrow capital

Three arrow was a Singapore based hedge fund that started in forex market before shifting focus to cryptocurrencies

The Founders

Su Zhu and Kyle Davies founded Three Arrow capital in 2012 amid crypto boom but their greed took over

The Fall

3AC was already bleeding money but the big blow came after the fall of LUNA Its investment fell from $500m to just $604

The Lavish spending

The duo didn't focus on building the fund & spend their money on lavish purchases like $52m yacht & $30m mansion

Where are they now?

It was reported that the founders are hiding & planning to shift to Dubai  to evade arrest 

Recent Transactions

3AC routed $32 million worth of stablecoins through Cayman Islands. A hub for money laundering

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