Thorchain rune crypto

What is Thorchain?

Thorchain is a liquidity network that allow trading cryptocurrencies across multi-chain assets (ERC-20, BEP-20) using RUNE

Face of Thorchain

Thorchain was founded in 2018 by 20 anonymous developers . Check the story -


1. Type: Multi-Chain DEX 2. Built on: COSMOS SDK 3. Token: RUNE 4. Supply: 500 million 5. Algo: Tendermint BFT

RUNE crypto

RUNE is the native token of Thorchain. It facilitates governance, maintain liquidity pools, multi-chain transactions & incentives.

Thorchain Wallets

Thorchain has multi-wallet supports. XDEFI & THORwallet are the most preferred options followed by Ledger

Thorchain Hacks

Thorchain was hacked twice - Hack1: 2500 ETH = $5 mn Hack2: $8 mn ETH+USDT

Can Thorchain  reach $1000?

$1000 need massive crypto adoption but $100  is possible. It's a multi-chain DEX like no other

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