PLay and earn BUSD everyday

About GameFi industry

Gamefi is a mix of gaming and finance. It's part of the blockchain industry that allow users to play and earn rewards in cryptocurrencies.

About the Game

Burger Runner game by SipnPlay is a single player blockchain game on bnb chain that supports MetaMask wallet.

About MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask is the most famous wallet used to connect with the game. Users can install it as a browser extension & connect to play the game on bnb chain.

How to play the game?

Visit the website & connect MetaMask wallet to play the game on BNB chain. Buy turns for just $0.2 BUSD & 10x your money everyday.

Earn BUSD everyday

The game allow the users to earn BUSD. Score and enter the top 10 spots in the leaderboard to earn BUSD stablecoin everyday.

Free Turns to new users

New users gets 3 free turns to play & enjoy the game. They can also earn BUSD by entering the top 10 spots on the leaderboard

Pro Tip

Play it on Laptop or PC for better experience & to increase the chances of winning more rewards

Play Now

Visit the game link and play. For details hit "?" icon on the page

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