OneCoin  killed investor's dreams

About OneCoin

OneCoin was launched in 2014. It was debuted as Bitcoin Killer that was supposed to surpass BTC in adoption & value.

The Founders

Ruja Ignatova and Karl Sebastian Greenwood founded OneCoin in Bulgaria. Greenwood was arrested in 2018 while Ruja disappeared in 2017

How they operated

OneCoin's growth was fuelled by multi-level marketing scheme. Investors receive commission for recruiting new members

Not a Cryptocurrency

OneCoin was never mined. It was never listed on exchange and it doesn't have a public ledger. It was a pure scam coin

Pleading guilty

Greenwood pleads guilty in 2022 while the whereabouts of Ruja is still unknown. Investor lost nearly $4 billion investing in the fake coin.

The complete story

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Not Harmony ONE

Do not confuse this coin with harmony ONE coin which is a legit project. 

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