IS Crypto Dying?

The Black November

November 2022 will go down as the worst month for crypto markets. FTX collapse followed by back to back bankruptcy of many others.

The Domino Effect

FTX was never meant to collapse. Unfortunately, it has shattered the crypto markets resulting in collapse of top crypto projects

BlockFi Bankruptcy

Top crypto lending platform BlockFi has filed for bankruptcy. FTX gave it $400 million line of credit after LUNA crash.

Genesis Crisis

BlockFi rival Genesis has $2.8 billion in total active loans by  the end of third quarter. It has freezed withdrawals after FTX collapse.

Solana Crash

FTX was heavily invested in Solana. There're rumours of Solana collapse after FTX filed for bankruptcy. SOL price reflects the sentiments.

BlockFi is Bankrupt

Checkout Genesis Global top rival BlockFi filing for bankruptcy.

FTX Ukraine Scandal

Checkout what's going on with FTX Ukraine money laundering scandal.

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