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IS Tezos XTZ The hidden gem?

What is Tezos?

Tezos is an open-source blockchain that allows peer-to-peer crypto transactions & smart contract computations

Tezos Founders

Ideated in 2014, Tezos was founded by Arthur & Kathleen (husband & wife). The mainnet went live in Sept 2018.


1. Type: Blockchain 2. Ticker: XTZ 3. Consensus: POS 4. Total Supply: Unlimited

The XTZ Coin

XTZ is the native token of the blockchain. Its used to pay for gas fees, interact with dapps, staking & secure the network

The Successful ICO

In July 2017, Tezos announced the ICO that raised 66,000 BTC & 361,000 ETH valuing at $232m at the time

The Lawsuit

The power struggle & regulations delayed the distribution of tokens that  gave enough time to the competitors to advance.

Will Tezos go up?

Tezos was supposed to be the leading chain. However, bugged with lawsuits it fell back in the race. It can go up but at a much slower pace.

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